In 2006, when Kaunas city became the centre of watercolour’s traction, Kaunas Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association started buy levitra to organize the event, giving a metaphoric title ‘Baltic Bridges’ to the project (curator – Virginija Vitkienė). It was decided to organize the exhibition every second year (status of biennial), aiming to reveal the discoveries of watercolour more dynamically.

‘Baltic Bridges’ is a young project, organized in Kaunas only for the second time, but it should be considered as a successor of Baltic States’ watercolour triennials which were held in Riga (Latvia) since 1968. Participants of these exhibitions represented their countries every third year, having the buy clomid ability to share discoveries of watercolour and to value achievements of their colleagues. The exhibitions undoubtedly induced the progress of Baltic States’ watercolour and a positive competition among watercolourists.

International exhibition ‚Baltic Bridges. D buy priligy online isplacements‘ is the nucleus of watercolour biennial ‘Baltic Bridges’ that unites artists of various creative spheres from eleven European countries. The objective of the project is to reveal the variety of artistic thought in watercolour, a lively and dynamic approach to the millenary experience of watercolour, seeking for its original angle of form and meaning. We stimulate artists’ experiments on shape and their authentic, modern look at the topic and content of artworks.

The exhibitions should not be observed by a traditional look – there are artworks that have little common with ordinary comprehension of watercolour:  some of them have entered into the sphere of painting, drawing, graphics, photography, new media art. The exhibition witnesses the fact, that the present watercolour has made obvious displacements from its lyrical prototype to a universal thinking that buy clomid reveals not only on the plain of pictures but also in three-dimensional objects, video artworks and performances.