Grand prix  winner of the International Watercolour Biennial 2012 "Baltic Bridges. Connections" is
Suzanne Möller (Sweden) 

A Birch Groove • watercolour, paper, collage  •  2011 • 240 x 400
Diplomas of teh Biennial received works of artists:

Girmantas Rudokas (Lithuania),

Irida Lazdina (Latvja),

Liisa Malkamo (Finland),

Aslaug Thorlacius (Iceland) and

Trond Einar Solberg Indsetviken (Norway).


Ina Budrytė solo exhibition BRUSH MONOLOGUES

Communications History Museum, Rotušės sq. 19

Opening October 11, 3:00 PM. 

exhibition will be opened till October 25, 2012

Ina Budrytė – the  winner of grand prix of Baltic Bridges. Depth. 2010


The main exhibition of International Watercolour Biennial BALTIC BRIDGES. 2012. CONNECTIONS

Kaunas Picture Gallery of M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum, K. Donelaičio str. 16

Opening October  11, 6:00 PM

exhibition will be opened till November 25, 2012



Prof. Morten Paulsen (Norway) solo exhibition LIGHT OF DARKNESS

Kaunas Photography Gallery, Rotušės sq. 1/Vilniaus str. 2

Opening October 12, 4:00 PM

exhibition will be opened till November 2, 2012


Edita Sūdžiūtė solo exhibition PHOTO/SYNTHESIS

Gallery of Textile Artists’ Guild Balta, M. Valančiaus str. 21

Opening October 12, 6:00 PM

exhibition will be opened till November 5, 2012



“BALTIC BRIDGES. Connections
Kaunas, Lithuania, 2012


“Baltic Bridges” is an international watercolor project which is being organized for the fourth time in Lithuania and this year will take place in Kaunas. The biennial is set for artists of various creative spheres. The objective of the project is: revealing the variety of watercolor’s artistic thought, a lively and dynamic approach to the millenary experience of watercolor, seeking for its original angle of form and meaning. We stimulate artists’ experiments on shape and their authentic, modern look at the topic and content of artworks. We especially expect that artist will innovatively use different materials and compositions, will create works of large or non-traditional format, as well as 3-dimensional and video artworks, installations. The most original and creative works will harvest awards and special organizers’ prizes.

The project consists of several events: the main exhibition, the satellite group and personal exhibitions, master classes of contemporary watercolor artists, international conference, discussing modern trends of watercolor, current relations of other fields of art with watercolor and meanings of them in daily life of artists.


Brief history and changes in the present time

The beginning of the project touches the year 1968, when Latvian artists started the tradition of Baltic States’ watercolor triennials, which were held in Riga (Latvia). Participants of these exhibitions represented their countries on the international stage every third year, having the ability to share experiences of watercolor and to value achievements of their colleagues. The exhibitions undoubtedly induced the progress of Baltic States’ watercolor and a positive competition among watercolorists.

In 2006 the centre of watercolor’s traction was moved to Kaunas city: Lithuania started to organize the event, giving a metaphoric title “Baltic Bridges” to the project. It was decided to organize the exhibition every second year (status of biennial), aiming to reveal the discoveries of watercolor more dynamically. The geographical limits have also expanded strongly – we invite artists from all over the Baltic region to participate in the exhibition.

In 2008 the second biennial “Baltic Bridges. Displacements” was organized in Kaunas. There was main exhibition in Kaunas Picture Gallery and there were more than 80 artists selected by international jury to participate in this exhibition. Also 3 satellite group and personal exhibitions were organized in other galleries and the conference, devoted to analyze matters of contemporary watercolor.

The conception of the third watercolor biennial “Baltic Bridges” in 2010 was outlined by a notion “depth”, which is one of the most relevant words in the language of art for defining watercolor lightness, volatility, the optical illusion of movement, overflow of color stains.

We were looking for depth in the quality of watercolors and in the tectonics of their meanings. We suggested avoid trivial or merely decorative values of self-defining works of watercolor. There were about 80 artists participating in the main group and other group and personal exhibitions. Participants arrived from 14 countries.


The conception of “Baltic Bridges buy clomid online 2012”. Connections

The conception of contest-selective exhibition of international watercolor biennialBaltic Bridges” this year is connections. Rising this concept we would like not only show to the public the level of mastery of watercolorists through their individual connections between artistic approach to the artwork and technique. We would like to encourage artists to think about all possible relations / connections of watercolor technique with other fields of art, stimulate them to create interactive, 3-dimensional, video compositions, installations, which may represent art synthesis.

Connections is a notion levitra online in which we can find a wide range clomid online of meanings. According to the dictionary explanation this means when someone or something is related to someone or something else. But also we can find the meaning of connection in modern technologies as user interface – a connection between two pieces of electronic equipment, or between a person and a computer  or  a situation, way or place where two things come together and affect each other. That’s why we expect that in the exhibition of “Baltic Bridges” this year we will be able to represent some young artists, who are using modern techniques and technologies in their artworks. All manifestations of individual connection / interface between artist and buy propecia watercolor are welcome.

We invite professional artists of all creative spheres to participate in the contest-selective exhibition “Baltic Bridges” and show to the public their own artistic connection to priligy online the watercolor.

Eugenijus Nalevaika 

Leader of project “Baltic Bridges”