Conception 2012



“BALTIC BRIDGES. Connections
Kaunas, Lithuania, 2012


The conception of “Baltic Bridges 2012”. Connections

The conception of contest-selective exhibition of international watercolor biennial “Baltic Bridges” this year is connections. Rising this concept we would like not only show to the public the level of mastery of watercolorists through their individual connections between artistic approach to the artwork and technique. We would like to encourage artists to think about all possible relations / connections of watercolor technique with other fields of art, stimulate them to create interactive, 3-dimensional, video compositions, installations, which may represent art synthesis.

Connections is a notion in which we can find a wide range of meanings. According to the dictionary explanation this means when someone or clomid online something is related to someone or something else. But also we can find the meaning of connection in modern technologies as user interface – a connection between two pieces of electronic equipment, or between a person and a computer  or  a situation, way or place where buy propecia online two things come together and affect each otherThat’s why we expect that in the exhibition of “Baltic Bridges” this year we will be able to represent some young artists, who are using modern techniques and technologies in their artworks. All manifestations of individual connection / interface between artist and watercolor are welcome.

We invite professional artists of all creative spheres to participate in the contest-selective exhibition “Baltic Bridges” and show to the public their buy priligy online own artistic connection to buy clomid the watercolor.

Watercolorist Eugenijus Nalevaika                                                                                                   Leader of project levitra online “Baltic Bridges”